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Joint and Dual MS Degree

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The E-IPER Joint Master of Science (MS) degree in Environment and Resources gives Stanford professional school students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the science, technology and engineering that underlies current environmental problems. This understanding, integrated with their professional education, provides a unique lens for future leaders and innovators to influence and solve the world’s most challenging environmental and sustainability problems.

E-IPER offers the Joint MS for M.B.A. students at Stanford's Graduate School of Business or J.D. students at Stanford Law School. E-IPER also offers a Dual MS degree for Master's students in the Ford Dorsey Master's in International Policy program, M.D. students at Stanford's School of Medicine, or students pursuing a Ph.D. in another Stanford school or department.

For information about admission to the program, please see our Joint and Dual MS Admissions page.


The Joint and Dual MS Degree program is designed to be rigorous yet flexible, providing opportunities for students to pursue the depth and breadth they desire to meet their academic interests and professional goals.