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How to Apply

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Written Proposal Format Guidelines

Limited to no more than 6 pages

  • Project Title
  • Team member names, degree programs
  • Advisor names and departments
  • Abstract
    • In 250 words or less, describe the project and novel approach. Explain the intended impact of the project.
  • Statement of Need
    • Describe the general background of the issue to be addressed.
  • Project Plan
    • Describe the idea, origin of idea, and novel approach to addressing the problem described
    • Explain the methodology or approach to addressing the issue, including scientific/theoretical basis for the approach
    • List the specific deliverables and anticipated outcomes
    • Describe possible barriers to completion and their significance to your project, as well as contingency plans to address barriers
    • Describe the expected impact of the project on the issue/problem described
  • Team members
    • Describe the background of each member (professional, school work, etc.) and how the project aligns with the academic objectives (research, career goals, etc.) of each team member
    • Describe the role each person will play in the project including:
      • Explanation of the unique contributions of the PhD and MS team members (skill set, outcomes, etc.) and how this work benefits from both student populations
      • Specifications of distinctive responsibilities of each team member, keeping in mind equal contribution of each team member.
    • Describe engaged faculty members, their relevant expertise and their role(s) in this project.
    • Description of any collaboration(s) and funding source(s) with other institutes and organizations on or off campus
  • Project work plan & timeline
    • Describe key components and who will be responsible, including milestones and project timeline.
    • Describe how the team will work together (e.g., plans for meetings, document sharing), including a plan for ongoing check-in meetings and communication with the project faculty advisor.
    • The scope of work and plan should be appropriate to the prescribed grant timeline, accounting for expected and unexpected barriers.
  • Required Resources
    • Detailed annotated budget with brief description of project components that require funding (e.g., software, travel, tuition, stipend, etc.) and justification
    • An estimate of time (hours) anticipated for each team member
  • Brief bibliography listing citations from Statement of Need and Project Plan. Can be outside of 6 page limit.

Faculty Advisor Support

Your submission must include a brief statement of support directly from the two lead faculty advisors specific to the project. An email from the faculty advisor is sufficient (to: Mele Wheaton,, cc: student team)

Statements should include at minimum:

  • Indication of specific knowledge of and support for the project and commitment to advise
  • Brief description of the faculty contribution
  • Description of the plan for ongoing check-in meetings and communication with student team

Submission and Review Process

Questions regarding funding, project design and partnerships, or the proposal writing process should be directed to Nik Sawe.

Project proposals are due January 31, 2022 at 11:59 p.m PT. Proposals, and statements of support from project faculty advisors, should be emailed to Mele Wheaton, A small committee of faculty and staff will review proposals and determine awardees. Selected teams will work with their advisors and E-IPER staff to finalize project budget and scope. Applicants should expect to hear a response by end of March 18, 2022.