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Joint and Dual MS Research Assistantships

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E-IPER provides opportunities for Joint and Dual MS students to work as research assistants on faculty mentored, individualized environment, energy, and sustainability research. Through this offering, E-IPER aims to encourage and accelerate collaboration among faculty scholars, their labs, and the MS students as emerging practitioners.

We anticipate awarding Research Assistantships (RAships) annually, each of which will support one project. The funding will include a one-quarter 25% RAship (salary + associated tuition) supporting approximately 10 hours of research work/week.

Research Assistantship Projects

Joint and Dual MS students have the unique opportunity to work with faculty from the School of Earth, School of Engineering, School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford Law School, Stanford Woods Institute, and Precourt Institute for Energy on specialized projects. Listed below are the projects for spring, 2023. Detailed project descriptions are available in the Joint and Dual MS student resource folder

  • Marshall Burke | Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Air Pollution and Human Health
  • Jon Krosnick | Harmonizing Public Opinion Surveys on Climate Change
  • Gabrielle Wong-Parodi | Our Communities, Our Bay
  • Gabrielle Wong-Parodi | Climate Extremes and Critical Infrastructure 

Based in a faculty member’s research area, this RAship initiative is intended to leverage the practice-oriented lens of the E-IPER Joint and Dual MS students, and augment their course-based learning with research experiences. This RAship will bring together interested faculty from across Stanford's seven schools with E-IPER MS students on applications of research in actionable, meaningful practice.

With generous support from the Ann and Reid Buckley Fund as well as the Emmett Fund, all research areas of interest to E-IPER students and faculty are eligible for RAships.

Mele Wheaton Associate Director of Program Strategy and Curriculum

Faculty Questions?

For faculty interested in learning more about the MS Research Assistantship program and submitting a proposal, please contact Mele Wheaton.

Student Questions?

For students interested in learning more about the MS Research Assistantship program and how to apply, please contact Clark Campagna.

Clark Campagna Student Services Officer