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How to Apply for a Research Assistantship

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Joint and Dual MS students are eligible to submit a Research Assistantship (RAship) application during Winter quarter. MS-MBA, MS-JD, and MS-MA(MIP) students must be in their second or third year. The deadline for applications to begin the RAship in Spring 2023 will be announced in late fall 2022. Applicants will be notified if they are matched to an RAship near the end of Winter 2023. 

There is no application fee to apply for the RAship program. 

To Apply

Login to your Stanford Google account and submit the following application materials (.doc or .pdf) via the Joint and Dual MS RAship Application Form.

  • A statement of interest (2 pages double-spaced maximum) for the RAship Project you are interested in applying for. 
List the RAship project in which you are interested. Tell us which RAship you would like to pursue. 
Why do you want to pursue this RAship project?
What experience do you bring to the RAship project? (ie. Research, educational, and/or professional experiences)
Please include if you have worked with the faculty member on the project(s).
  • Resumé/CV
  • An unofficial Stanford transcript 

If you are interested in applying to more than one RAship project, you are welcome to indicate up to three RAship opportunities in your statement of interest. Rank your RAship project preference (1 being your first choice), and address the statement of interest questions for each RAship, independently.

Review Process

All applications will be reviewed by E-IPER staff who will work to facilitate appropriate matches between students and projects/faculty mentors. A match of a student/project interests and expertise is not guaranteed. By the end of Winter, 2023, E-IPER  staff will have shared vetted and sorted student applications with faculty mentors and announced the final decision-making results.

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