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Ruth Adu-Daako

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MS-MBA, Class of 2019

Undergrad Degree

B.Com. Accounting and Finance

Course Track

Land Use and Agriculture

The E-IPER program was a motivating factor in my decision to pursue my MBA degree at Stanford. As someone with a primary business background, I was interested in having interdisciplinary studies in environmental sciences. My experience going through the E-IPER program has been very rewarding to my career. Firstly, the opportunity to step out of the business school several times a week to interest with other students and professors on topics that is fundamentally different from my business education helps me gain different perspectives in solving problems. Aside pursuing studies within my course track, I have taken classes in media, computer science, climate change, and design thinking. I have also benefited from developing relationships with other students from the E-IPER law and PhD programs through classes, projects and research.

The highlight of my E-IPER experience was participating in the Capstone. For my Capstone, I did a qualitative research study on female artisanal palm oil processors and their impact on oil palm growing communities in Ghana. This was the first time I was developing a research study and I had strong mentorship to be able to analyze data and share findings. The process was very rewarding, and it deepened my understanding of complex agriculture systems within the West African palm oil supply chain. Overall, the E-IPER experience has exposed me to good mentors and empowered me to be able to work in different environmental fields around the world.