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Research & Impact

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Our E-IPER graduate students have access to a rich array of programs and research tools across Stanford from computational labs to international field programs, and environmental policy resources. Students also have access to funding for their research work.

A sampling of research by E-IPER students and graduates

Students study everything from ocean conservation to climate interventions and achieving clean air in Bangladesh. Read about a few of them here. 

Research grant opportunities

Check out financial support sources available to E-IPER students.

Find research funding opportunities


Environmental programs and centers across Stanford

More program resources

E-IPER students can access a plethora of programs and resources across Stanford from conservation to energy, ethics, food security, environmental policy and more.

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability research groups

Explore the Department and Programs research in our school

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability research facilities

Check out the shared analytical facilities and research resources available at our school.